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Mexican Burrito

Burritos are a family favorite for dinner. There are so many to enjoy with many different flavors. This is a classic Mexican burrito to make. The Bean and cheese burrito.

Bean and Cheese Burrito


  1. Black beans or refried beans
  2. Cheese
  3. Fresh Salsa
  4. Fresh Tomato
  5. Fresh Lettuce
  6. Sour cream  
  7. Guacamole
  8. Flour tortilla

How to prepare your Bean and cheese burrito:

First heat up the beans of your choice. Grated the cheese of your choice. Heat the flour tortilla in oil or butter. Place the tortilla on a plate layer beans cheese( this is important to let the cheese melt). Next layer with the fresh tomato, lettuce and Salsa. Add the sour cream and guacamole if you like. Folded the ends of the tortilla and roll the tortilla. Sever hot.