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Chicken Salad with Apples & Grapes

Well, as I mentioned previously, I have a fantastic chicken salad recipe, and here it is! I love the tart, juiciness that is brought to this dish by both fruits, as well as the crispness that the apples provide. If you prefer, you may leave out either one, but I definitely think it’s worth a try. Also, some people prefer to use raisins instead of grapes. That’s fine with me, as well. In fact, if you haven’t tried either, GET TO IT! They’re so good! Now, this dish serves best with the chicken shredded, but it’s alright if you don’t want to.


1 bag of refrigerated pre-cooked chicken

1 ½ cups of mayo

1 apple, (cubed or shoe-stringed)

3 or 4 grapes (halved)


A pinch of red pepper flakes

Crushed peanuts, almonds, or walnuts (I LOVE almonds and walnuts in here!)


Well, with this, you’ve got very little preparation involved, so you don’t have to dread making lunch. Simply cut your apples how you want them and halve your grapes, shred chicken or leave whole and place in mixing bowl. Add mayo to chicken (if using red pepper flakes, add here) and mix. Then, add everything else and mix lightly.


If you are using a food processor, simply add the chicken and let it get all chopped up. Then, add your mayo (and red pepper, if using) and mix again. Remove mixture from food processor and mix everything else into the dish.

This dish serves great as the filling for some yummy lunch wraps, as some tasty sandwiches, or simply as a delicious dish served with your favorite snack. Enjoy!


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